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Doesn’t everyone adore animals? Well my group and the video under this is what I’ve been trying SO hard on to bring to you all. This video is going to blow your mind. Also I am talking to you! You and you only which is why I want you to watch it! Watching this video could change your out look on life and animals all one video. No I am a pretty big talker but I am not lying about this video it is only about 3 minutes and is very good. So please use 3 minutes of your time and watch this video.




It is time to say goodbye to Kenton county animal shelter

HappyCreative Commons License Mel via Compfight – this is my current feeling, excited and derpy!

Yes it is almost that time for my project to be over. It felt like such a short time ago I didn’t even know what the 20% project was but now I am wrapping it up!

SO I was thinking, what was the most rewarding thing that happened during this project? Well to be honest I think it was the animals. The animals were so adorable and pitiful. I was overjoyed when we decided what to do for the 20% project. My excitement wasn’t a faulty, any animal fanatic who went to the shelter would be to. Just the idea of the animals is the best reward possible!

The second thing I would like to tell you is I know it has been a long time I’ve been talking about my 20% project, but there are a few things I want to talk about and wrap up with you all. The main thing I want to tell you is our website is almost finished. I’ve been talking about it for a while and I understand your impatience on this subject. We still have a few other things we need to do but that is mainly for extra credit and mandatory things. The other thing is we just finished our last visit to the animal shelter this weekend.

The final thing I want to inform you about is my GMS talk (speech my group  and I are forced to do) and how I feel on the matter. To be completely honest, I dislike it. Not that it’s hard, it is just time consuming and the teachers explanations are perplexing. Some people have things to do and people to see, especially me, and having to wait a obnoxious amount of time watching people in middle school talk about a project and the sign up process is long and greatly flawed. Although I have a plan to create the speech, my plan consist of the following 1) Gather group 2) create slide show or video of or time working on the project 3) then explain and talk about our project to the audience.

So this should the second to last or the last update on this project. fair well for now, Stay safe and positive!

Guess Who’s back, back again – 20% talk

Incredible news! That last post wasn’t my last post!

Fin gourmetCreative Commons License Sandrine Néel via Compfight

Okay, for a assignment this week my teacher (she is pretty creative with her ideas) decided that we have to create a blog post acting like we have 24 hours to complete or GMS takes action talk!  SO I’ll dive right in!

Okay so what have I done, c’mon think, THINK! Oh I got it, I have made a website using Wix Website Editor (great website by the way, no promo.) Also I have been to the animal shelter about four times and I got pictures of many cats and dogs alike, all uniquely adorable, except Skittles she/he has claws and hates me. Than I accomplished all the premature, building up, speeches on time and Sam, Alyssa, and did well and got a pretty good grade on it.

OH NO! I only have 15 hours left, yikes! What do I need to do to finish this thing… Ah yes! TO finish this thing I need to fill out my picture on my website. I need to fill out all the empty picture slots on my website and all empty text boxes, aye there isn’t enough time. Finally I need to get the extra credit done, because extra credit is always a great thing to have in a class.

Oh.. 3 hours left, panic mode in full flight! If I could go back what would I change… Ah yes I would most likely change the topic to something that I like more, this one isn’t horrid but it wasn’t my first pick. Also I would change the website part, I would prefer to do a fundraiser or something. That is all I would change.

30 minutes left! Got to wrap this up, have a great day and be safe see you soon!

20% project blog 4

Cruciate rupture surgery was not easy for her…

tekgator via Compfight

Hello my people, welcome! Great news, we got a mentor. This is a huge accomplishment, we’ve been trying to get one for MONTHS on end now! Make sure to visit our website when it is finally done, I’ll update when my team and I finish it. OH, guess what… we actually went to the  shelter, and met with our mentor and got pictures of the cutest animals ever ♥. So that is the progress we’ve made recently.

As you all know from the first paragraph we need to complete our website. So far on our website we have a home page, a service page, and a animals page in progress. To be honest I love the idea of seeing animals every weekend, it makes me so EXCITED! If you adore animals like me you’ll get the exacted feeling. So we have do a lot to do but it is quite fun.

I feel animated and alive. Helping these loving little fur balls makes me feel ,well like a super star. Although I most likely won’t gain any fame I’ll gain so much meaning by helping these animals. To these animals I am just another human but to myself I feel like a model. How would you feel if you were in my situation? leave it in the comments!

☺Once again stay safe, and remember to com back. BYEEE! ☺

St. Patrick’s day Origin

stray heartsCreative Commons License Khanh To via Compfight

Saint Patrick was a saint in the 5th century. He was a christian missionary and bishop in Ireland. The exact dates that Saint Patrick was born are unknown , his death is also unknown too. Saint Patrick is mainly known for the holiday but actually was on of the people that brought Christianity to Ireland. According to legend when Saint Patrick was 16 he was captured by Irish pirates, he was taken as a slave back to Ireland from Britain. After 6 years of  tending to animals in Ireland he ran escaped and went back to his family. After getting home he became a cleric he returned to northern and western Ireland to spread the gospel. So now you know about St. Patrick and his origin. Know go home and tell your family about this phenomenal man who did so much in his lifetime and even got his own holiday.

♣ Stay safe people! ♣

I´d like to give credit to

¨SAINT PATRICK.¨ Wikipedia. Google,17 March 2017, at 17:01.

We Made Social Media for Our Cause!

Social Media Butterfly - Facebook

Blogtrepreneur via Compfight

This week we made a lot of progress, for example we made a Facebook and an Instagram the contact is Kenton_animals and we are almost done with our website! We are working hard to visit every other  weekend it was quite fun although, we saw so many adorable animals though so it was worth it. Our whole group likes the modern way of spreading the word of our cause.

   The script that we have finished is being studied by our group to memorize it. Although I don’t like the film process, I disliked getting filmed. My group and I quite like the technique it is as if you are actually communicating with the person but you aren’t, you are acting and I am very fond of acting.

    By my next deadline, I believe we will be finishing our website. We were a tad nervous on the teachers reaction but after we showed to her she looked pleasantly surprised. Due to the fact that most groups were only on the speeches and not the actual project we were a bit ahead of schedule but our website is proving to take longer than expected.

   I am pleased to say we have few to no problems. The only minor inconvenience that I can think of is our website taking longer than expected. To be perfectly honest our project has been going smoothly for the past few weeks which makes me worry that something will explode in my face soon. Although I doubt that anything will happen to ruin this project

☺Once again thanks a bunch for visiting! stay safe people☺


Hello my people☺. I am here to update on my 20% project.

So far my group and I have accomplished starting our website on webflow™ we have also created animations for this, this is very big for us because we are busy bodies and rarely have time for anything/ so this is a large feet for us. On this project I am feeling inspired and confident it just makes me so happy that people get this. No, we have not, we have contacted our mentor but haven’t got into any really important to our project yet,we plan on meeting them this upcoming week. Finally we will be trying to get our website put together and complete the speech outline and the speech.

☺Stay safe my people and be weird!☺

20% update

Hanging at SJUCreative Commons License SJU undergraduate admissions via Compfight

Hey people! I haven’t been here in ages!

So good to see I’m not dead, I just have been busy with my 20% project which will  be bringing you an update today.

so this is what we’ve done  so far! We accomplished the beginning of our website and Emailing our mentor, which is enormous for my group and I. My group has a overall confident and proud out look and feeling about our project so we are very excited to get started on our next phase. Unfortunately we ran into a small problem in our project, the first mentor we emailed didn’t respond leaving us without a mentor, but we believe we have found a new one, so YIPPEE! 


1/27- Get in touch with mentor, if not find a new mentor.
2/10- Make plans with mentor, if we can access one.
2/24- Finish website at end of Feb, which will be in 4 days.
3/10-Get posts started on website! Take lots of pictures for end video montage.
3/24-Keep working on posts and montage.
4/7-End Posts. Work on end speech.
4/21-Work on montage.
5/5-Finish end speech.
5/19-Finish montage and prepare!

20% Project

University Life 97Francisco Osorio via Compfight

Hello! This week I am doing a report on my 20% project, so let us delve into this AWESOME topic and answer some questions you may have

What did you accomplish this week? WELL, I obtained a great group and a few subjects to work on, but no we don’t have a topic yet. What are you working on right now? Currently we are working on figuring out what topic we want work on. Also it is harder since we are working this out  in a group chat.What do you plan to do next? I plan to actually get a topic and start to work on the things I will need for it. What problems have you run into this week? WELL, one member had NO idea what we  were doing ( to be honest I don’t really know what my group is doing either.) Also we do NOT have a topic to work on. How are you fixing those problems? We are going to find out a topic and explain what we are doing. So what are you doing for your 20%  project? Answer in the comments below!

Thanks for viewing! please return to my page and stay safe! Bye-bye.

Human anatomy!


Goalfinder Blood-circulatory-systemGoalfinder. com via Compfight

      Did that get your attention? Well, as you read in the title “human anatomy” which is my favorite part of science.  It is just so fascinating how us humans function. There are just so many different types of looks, personalities, and voices to be viewed and heard. There are so many reasons why I adore this topic, but time for the information.

The human body is composed of elements including hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, calcium and phosphorus. These elements reside in pretty much every part of the body. Anatomy is the study of the shape and form of the human body. The human body has four limbs, a head and a neck which connect to the torso. The body’s shape is determined by a strong skeleton made of bone and cartilage, surrounded by fat, muscle, tissue, organs, and other body parts.

Although it is a very odd part of science I think it is the best in the world! Also, all sciences are fascinating I just prefer human anatomy because, you know, I’m a human. Fun Fact: skulls of people can identify there race due to the shape and structure. So, what is your favorite science?

☺Answer in the comments and say safe over the winter!☺

For more anatomy facts go to this link!


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